here are some pictures of the fun at jam on the river, may 29, 1999: helen, sugar mag. (liz), val, stellablue2 (virginia), hunter (little one), and val's son

charles p., val, kindmomma (kate), helen, trew, patty

front: val's son, syd, ron, little chris

very front: krispy (kris)

bobstick (scott), kindmomma (kate), helen, val, (white hat in back) playitslow (stephen), (blue hat) big bopper (charles david), (grey hat in back) caver (john), ron moore, (in folk fest shirt) tom foley, jay jurina, krispy (kris), rik pauline, syd,

kids in front: zak (kate's son), danilo (sugar mag./liz's son), megan (krispy & bobstick's daughter)

toasters: helen, bobstick (scott), krispy (kris), and syd

dancin: hunter and stellablue2 (virginia=me!!!)

chic chatters: front: sugar mag (liz), sunriise (dawn), krispy (kris)

back: dpink (dana), opal rose, val, helen, stellablue2 (virginia)

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